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Strategic writing and editing services for academics and professionals.



C&G was founded in 2020 by William D. Buckingham to meet a growing demand for strategic writing and editing services. Will studied and taught at the University of Chicago Writing Center (The Little Red Schoolhouse), and has designed and taught writing-intensive courses at top universities. 

Will has worked with clients across diverse academic fields and in industries from marketing and law to healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

We take an evidence-based, reader-focused approach. First we discuss the effect that want your writing to achieve with your audience: What do you want to convince them of? Then we apply our proven strategies in sentence structure, argument, organization, and style to achieve your goals and reconcile your priorities as a writer with what we know about how your target reader will actually experience your writing.

C&G stands for clarity and grace, two essential qualities that Joseph M. Williams believed were characteristic of all persuasive and effective writing, regardless of the genre or field. Clarity, for Williams, means clear, cohesive, and persuasive writing: writing that engages and effects the reader the way the author intended. Grace takes this to another level, marking the difference between forgettable prose and writing that "fixes itself in the mind of a reader."

We specialize in academic articles and books at any stage of the submission process. We have also assisted clients with successful book proposals, grant proposals, cover letters, client reports, internal communication strategies, website copy, legal documents, resumes, and social media posts.



• Substantive Editing

Our flagship service. We analyze your text based on your goals for your audience and offer line-by-line suggestions for improving style, clarity, argument, and organization -- and we always catch a ton of typos and errors in the process.

Copy editing

A more superficial review for typographical, grammatical, and stylistic errors.

• Formatting and citations

Formatting your manuscript and citations according to publication guidelines or a style guide, e.g. Chicago, MLA, APA, AMA, the AP Stylebook, and the Redbook.

• Writing

Website copy, internal and client-facing documents, grant applications, social media.



Send me an email to get started.


William D. Buckingham, PhD

+1 504 388 2599

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